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Top 10 Boom Beach Tips, Tricks & Strategies

We have already published plenty of information to help you out in the game Boom Beach, created by Supercell. If you need any information regarding the game mechanics, in game units or other strategies, please navigate on our site.

We have tried to hold this article as short and informative as possible. So let’s not waste time! Here is our top 10 boom Beach Tips to improve your gameplay!

1. Simulate Attacks Cheat If you are unsure if your capable of winning an attack there is a way to simulate the attack without losing your troop units. To do this, you simply have to put your phone into Air Plane mode as soon as possible after you start the attack. This will let you see how the attack will end, without losing your troop. If you win, you can simply turn off AirPlane mode again and repeat the battle while being online.

2. Don’t withdraw resources from your boats When you have resources in your boats, they are in fact protected from your enemies that are attacking you. That is genuine! Don’t without them before your boats are full or you really need them. While they are in the boat, they are safe.

3. Use your Diamonds wisely You probably know it already, but don’t waste your diamonds. They do not regenerate and should be used wisely. This is a very important tips and everyone should be aware of this.

4. Hide defenses behind trees You can use the trees texture to hide your buildings behind. Your enemy might not recognize the buildings immediately, and maybe its enough to flip the winner around. Troops will also have a harder time reaching the defensive buildings when they are surrounded or placed behind a tree.

5. Don’t place defensive buildings close to each other You should have space between your defensive buildings so that the enemy don't freeze them out together with a shock bomb. Having some space will also force the enemy troop to use more time trying to take them down. Read more tips about the defensive buildings in the top menu.

6. Warriors can flip the game As soon as your Headquarter hit level 7, your able to create Warriors. These are quite powerful as they also heal them self. Pure Warriors attacks can be very strong, but be aware of their low health. You can read more about the warriors here.

7. Move buildings later Unlike other similar games you will be able to move your buildings anytime in Boom Beach. It is good to look over your base, specially after your upgrade your Headquarter. Defend the HQ at all costs so that the enemies don't rob you.

8. Increase your Vault Spending resources to build the Vault, or even upgrading it might seem to be a waste in the beginning. But a lot of people are mistaking at this point. Upgrading the vault will protect your resources from enemy attacks and it is rather important to have it at a high level.

9. Spend Attack Ammo When your troop destroy buildings you gain more ammo for your gunboat. You will not be able to take the gained ammo over to a new battle, so use it while your fighting – but use it wisely!

10. Free Diamonds There are basically two ways to get free Boom Beach Diamonds. You can aim for Achievements and try to complete them to get the Diamonds rewards. The other way is to explore the map. You will come across and find chests with free boom beach diamonds.


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